Avoid Potential Plumbing Disasters this Summer with these Tips

Summer plumbingThere’s no doubt about it, there’s a lot to be excited about when summer finally arrives. Summertime, however, can also be hard on your home’s plumbing – but it doesn’t have to be! Make note of the tips I mention in today’s post and ensure you survive the summer without requiring plumbing repairs or other potentially costly services. Here are some tips to make your plumbing and your wallet happy this season:

During the summer months, there’s often a greater demand put on your pipes, largely because you’re just using more water with the kids being home from school, watering the garden, filling the pool, etc. All of these things can quickly add up, increasing your water bills and putting extra stress on your appliances, such as your shower pipes and washing machine. Checking your hoses for leaks could prevent the waste of excess water, as well as prevent supplemental damage to your home.

Doing a thorough leak check is also a good idea for those hoping to trim their water bills during the warmer months. First, start by checking your meter; if there’s movement after the water has been shut off for a few hours, it could mean that you have a leak somewhere in your household piping. Even a small leak can put a major dent in your water bill and cause damage to your home, so make sure you check regularly and try to catch it early. If you don’t, you may be calling a professional for more serious plumbing repairs.

Standing water in the front or backyard could also be a sign of water leakage. This standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and insects, and a precursor to basement flooding. Knowing water damage when you see it can prevent leaky pipes from causing extensive damage to your home. Springtime or early summer is the best time to check and waterproof pipes, so if you see a problem or you want an expert to check for you, professional plumbing services are the way to go.

Excess rainwater can grow destructive and detrimental plants near pipes during the summer, causing a whole different set of problems. Some cities have fairly old sewer systems, which means they may not be prepared for the destructive subterranean plants that grow each summer. This is a problem you may not be able to see yourself, so contact a plumber if you feel there is a possibility of damaging tree roots or other plants.

If you require plumbing repairs or are looking to hire experts to prevent the more serious problems with which you could be faced this summer, give us a call: (306) 343-9576.

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