What You Need to Know About Clogged Drains

clogged drainsMany people will put off fixing a clogged drain because they believe that the problem will repair itself, but the miraculous and spontaneous removal of a clog rarely happens. Problems with clogged drains are unavoidable: the smell, the time you spend trying to remove the blockage, and having to focus on the health of your pipes can always seem like a chore. It can also be expensive to have a Saskatoon plumbing pro come to your home. It’s important to maintain healthy pipes because problems tend to multiply when they go unchecked, potentially leading to emergency situations and the need for an emergency plumber. Home and business owners should at least know the basics of unclogging drains and how to keep them working properly.

The first thing you should do to maintain healthy pipes is to keep them clean and clear of any clog-producing materials. Making sure that you don’t put debris and other solid particles down your drains ensures not only that they will be less likely to experience a clog, but also that the health of your family won’t be threatened. Regular cleaning often does the trick.

As soon as you notice a smell coming from the sink, you should respond by doing a thorough cleaning. Bathtubs should be monitored more regularly because they often come in contact with excess soap scum and other particles that make them particularly susceptible to clogs. Consider using a drain trap that will catch hair and other items before they make their way down the drain.

Another common culprit is that people tend to leave excess facial hair and shaving cream in the sink, so making sure that family members wipe these items out of the sink with paper towel before running the water will help. We tend to forget how easily pipes can become clogged, so there’s no such thing as being too careful. You should also lift popup stoppers to remove debris from underneath, and put what comes up in the trash.

These measures are important to follow because drainage problems can magnify when they are left unchecked, and no one wants the expense of having to call an emergency plumber. If the pipes in your home are cleaned thoroughly, the only clogs that should occur will be those that happen outside of your property. And, like those found inside the home, they can be treated by a Saskatoon plumbing professional.

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