Summer Plumbing Problems: Know How to Spot Them & Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

Avoid plumbing repairsDuring the summer, the last thing on your mind is how your plumbing can be affected by the weather and if it needs any repairs. That said, you should know that while you’re enjoying your vacation and the warm weather, your plumbing is being put to the test, and could be experiencing problems that it doesn’t face at other times of the year.

But all is not lost! There are a number of things you can do to avoid the most serious issues, some of which I’ll describe for you here:

This problem can be pretty prevalent with both toilets and the disposal. For toilets, clogs happen because they’re used often, especially during the summer when kids are off from school and occasionally flush some pretty questionable things. Of course, the use of lots of toilet paper clogs up the toilet, as well. Fortunately, toilet paper clogs can usually be cleared with the use of a plunger. Unfortunately, a plunger doesn’t work to clear all clogs, so you may need to call an emergency plumber for immediate help.

Garbage disposals usually become clogged when food waste isn’t properly disposed. Meat with bones and certain fruits and vegetables can potentially cause damage. Fruits, such as watermelon, are especially dangerous and damage the unit’s blades, eventually leading to clogs. Oils from grills also damage and clog up disposal units. When disposing of oils, be sure to run cold water before and after use to prevent it from hardening and causing a build-up.

Washing Machine Issues
Spending lots of time at the beach or outdoors leads to more laundry for the washing machine. This places additional stress on the machine, which can lead to problems. When doing the laundry, it’s better to stay home and keep watch while it’s running so that you can hear or see when something is amiss. Over used washing machines can clog drains and cause water to backup into the house, resulting in a flood.

Sewer Backflow
Summer doesn’t always mean lots of sun; for some parts of the season, thunderstorms and showers are pretty common. This rain can damage the sewer lines, causing backflow to occur. If you see toilet water or water from other drains backing up onto the floor, call an emergency plumber immediately. There’s no place for contaminated water in your home!

If you require plumbing repairs or have questions about some of these summer related plumbing issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our trusted team will have your plumbing issues sorted quickly, so that you can get back to enjoying summer!

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