Investing in a Home Cooling System? Read This!

air conditioner installationResidential air conditioning is a modern convenience that many of us just can’t live without. The thought of melting through a hot summer without A/C is just about unbearable, so if your existing system is old and/or at risk of breaking down, now’s the time to buy a new air conditioner!

When investing in a residential air conditioning system, consider the following four factors before making your purchase: (1) the area to cool; (2) home layout; (3) property insulation; and (4) home windows.

  • Area to Cool

The area you wish to cool is an important factor to consider when installing an air conditioning system. The larger the area the more air conditioning power will be needed to cool the room and keep it cool. This includes the width of rooms and the height. The higher the ceiling, the more air there is to cool.

  • Home Layout

The next significant factor is your home’s layout. Does the area to cool have an open floor plan? Is the home traditional with many internal walls and doors? Understanding how air flows will help you choose the air conditioner installation options that are best for your situation.

  • Property Insulation

Often forgotten, when choosing a residential air conditioning system, pay attention to your property insulation. Good insulation helps keep warm air out of the home. Without it, you could spend a great deal of money on energy trying to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

  • Air Conditioning and Number of Windows

Windows are a two-way street when it comes to air entering the home. On the one hand, they bring in warm air, but on the other, they push out cold air. Poorly insulated windows are a conduit of escape for cool air inside the home, requiring your residential air conditioning system to work harder to keep air cool (just like poor insulation).

By considering these four factors when deciding which residential air conditioning system to purchase, it will help ensure you choose a unit that takes into account the unique features of your home. When the cooling system is not adequate for your needs it will repeatedly turn off and on, will not cool the area fully or remove humidity. If your air conditioning system is constantly running, its lifespan will be shorter and your energy costs higher, two things you will definitely want to avoid.

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