Your Plumbing Isn’t Out of Danger Just because Summer is Here

summer plumbing tipsThe summer’s here and that means, surprisingly, there are several ways that you could be damaging your plumbing. You’re no longer faced with the risk of frozen pipes, but there are unique plumbing issues that can occur in the summer months, as well. There are a few tips for preventing issues as well as promoting healthy pipes for the home that you can learn right here, from the best plumbers Saskatoon has to offer!

First of all, because you’re outside more often in the summer months, your clothes are more vulnerable to the elements, meaning they will most likely have to be washed more regularly as a result. This can mean that your pipes will see more use, which can lead to the potential for clogs, leaks and cracks, especially if you’re often washing sand from the beach out. If the hose experiences a bulge, it can mean serious flooding and other kinds of damage from stagnant water. In the summer, you should check your washer’s hoses for any bulges, while also removing lint from the dryer on a regular basis.

When the snow melts after the winter season, it can cause cracks in your house’s pipes to be exposed for the first time in months. These cracks can potentially cause leaks and flooding in the warmer months, and that can spell disaster if they go unchecked. In order to troubleshoot this, you should check your ceilings, walls and even the lawn for wet spots. If you notice any unusual dampness, you should consult a professional plumber to have a look at the situation and perform any potential plumbing repairs.

Having the kids home in the summer can mean more cleaning and especially dirty dishes. For many people, the dishwasher will be getting more of a work-out, which can be too much for an older unit to handle. You may want to consider upgrading to a new dishwasher. The new energy efficient dishwashers use significantly less water than doing the dishes by hand, as well as less water than what is wasted by earlier dishwasher models. They use less water, but they also make the drying process easier for you, too. If you’re holding a number of barbecue’s or summer parties, this is a tip that will also help to make your after-party chores a lot less cumbersome.

Finally, you may also want to install a backwater valve, especially because the rainfall in the summer can overload sewers and necessitate a backup. Without this backup, you could see excess water landing in your basement and causing extensive damage and plumbing repairs, which no one wants.

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