When is the Best Time for an Air Conditioner Installation?

worker in workwear sets air conditioner in apartmentIf you don’t currently have an air conditioner and you’re looking to make the temperature in your home or business a little more comfortable this summer, or your existing unit is more than 10 years old and/or demonstrating signs of imminent demise, air conditioner shopping may be in your future.

When it comes to purchasing a major home appliance, like an air conditioner, doing a little research and taking the time to shop around can make a big difference in how satisfied you are with the unit purchased, both now and in the future. This isn’t a decision you want to rush and it’s one that’s best made with a little guidance from a trusted HVAC team.

Waiting until it’s 35 degrees outside and you’re desperate for cooler temperatures, for instance, is a good way to wind up with a unit that’s not the best option for your needs. It goes without saying, then, that like a furnace installation, there are times of the year that are better suited for air conditioner installation than others.

Best Time of the Year for Air Conditioner Installation in Canada

In Canada, those times of the year are typically fall and winter. You may be thinking that when the temperature outside dips below freezing the furthest thing from your mind is an air conditioner, but that’s precisely why an air conditioner installation is best done during the cooler months of the year. When everyone else is buying snow blowers, you have the chance to not only save money on an air conditioner installation but you also won’t have to wait in line to have your air conditioner installed.

That said, things happen and air conditioners can break down at less than ideal times, so here are a few pros and cons of buying an air conditioner during the other times of the year:

Spring: If, in the spring, you discover that your air conditioner may not make it through the summer, you will want to start shopping to avoid the summer rush when more people are having their air conditioners repaired and prices can be higher. Although you could pay slightly more and will likely have to wait longer for an air conditioner installation than you would in the fall or winter, with a new, high efficiency air conditioner to start off the season, you will save with lower cooling costs over the summer months.

Summer: While shopping for an air conditioner during the summer months may mean that you don’t get to enjoy the same cost savings as other times of the year, you will have no shortage of options, when it comes to units.

Above all else, don’t underestimate the difference that a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC team can and will make when buying and installing your new unit. Like a furnace installation, a technician who can help you choose the best unit for your home and will take the time to install the new unit for optimal performance and efficiency should be the most important factor in your decision making process, next to the quality of the air conditioner you buy.

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