Summer is the Best Time to Repair & Replace Plumbing

summer plumbing repairsWith summer finally upon us, few people want to think about fall and winter, but as far as residential plumbing goes, now is the best time to address any plumbing issues and to get your plumbing in top condition for the colder months. Most people think warmer weather means they can stop worrying about their plumbing because there’s no risk of frozen pipes or the furnace quitting in the middle of a cold night. By taking steps now, however, when the weather is more favourable for performing repairs and replacements, you will be able to rest a little easier when the weather does turn cold and you’re really relying on those household plumbing systems.

Inspection Time

Avoid being without hot water or heat next winter by opting to have both systems inspected by professionals, now. With a thorough inspection, you could find that one or more of your systems will require repairs in order to work as efficiently as possible in the colder months. Or, perhaps your systems are getting up there in age and it makes good financial sense to replace them with a more efficient unit. If an inspection shows that a replacement is in order, you will have plenty of time to have the new systems installed before the snow flies.

It’s also a good idea to ask your plumber to check for leaks in pipes (especially those that you can’t see) and to ensure that all pipes are insulated sufficiently.

Repairs & Replacements

It’s certainly easier to repair or replace a plumbing system when you’re not relying on it to heat your home or to provide you with hot water! Just think about it; if your furnace quits in the dead of winter and you need a new one, you could be without heat for several hours or more.

This is also a great time of year to repair old or damaged pipes and faucets. It’s important to remember that it not only makes more sense to address residential plumbing issues in warmer weather, but it may also be easier to get someone in to do your residential plumbing repairs, etc. when everyone else isn’t having their furnaces inspected or calling because their hot water system quit and they need an emergency replacement performed.

If you’re ready to act on any of the summer plumbing tips I’ve mentioned here, be sure to call the plumbers Saskatoon residents trust most with all their plumbing needs: (306) 343-9576.

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