Sometimes You Have to Replace Your Furnace

We always do our best to help our customers save money if it makes sense. You would be surprised how many times we get a call from a home owner who is panicking because they have just been told they have to replace their furnace, boiler or water heater. Often we discover that it might just be a part that needs to be replaced. Below is a review from a satisfied customer regarding this!

“I highly recommend this company. In 2012 i was told my furnace needed to be replaced and it would cost $5000 of course i wanted a second opinion. I called Gibbon they came out and had a look and told me i only needed one part for my furnace it cost $600 needless to say i went with them and my furnace has not given me anymore trouble. Great company and superb staff.” – Tracy

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Sometimes the Old Furnace has to Go!

Recently we received a call from a home-ower about a furnace that stopped working. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we discovered that it would not be cost effective to repair the furnace. In fact, it was unlikely we could even get some of the required parts. If you get 20-30 years out of your furnace, it has served you well! Here is what the furnace looked like.

Old furnace replaced with a new lennox by Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning

As you can see, this was a brute of a furnace. Definitely a power house in its day!

Brute of a furnace that needed to be replaced.

Our team of plumbers and heating specialists got to work to remove the old furnace and get a new Lennox furnace installed. The right furnace for the budget was selected and within a few hours, it was installed perfectly.

Fortunately there was lots of space to work with and our guys had the metal bent to attach to the existing duct work in no time.

The new Lennox furnace sitting comfortably in all of that space.


In this case we were not able to save the old furnace, but we made sure the customer was satisfied with the new Lennox furnace and it met their heating needs. As always, we left the installation site cleaner than when we arrived and walked the owner through the operation of the new furnace.

We also come back to the installation, when possible, to make sure everything is operating properly.

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