Set Your Thermostat to Maximize Savings this Winter

Save money on heat this winterThe thermostat is a key component in a heating and cooling system, and the determining factor in how comfortable a home will be. However, they can also be seen as a cause for concern, as many homeowners become literally obsessed with programming thermostats in ways that will provide comfortable surroundings and energy costs savings. Constantly adjusting the thermostat is common throughout the year, but it’s especially common during the winter season. Furnaces have big jobs, and most people want the most heat at the lowest price. When it comes to the furnace, Saskatoon homeowners should make note of these thermostat tips to maximize heat output and energy savings.

Lower the Temperature

This may not be news to many, but the lower the temp on your thermostat, the lower your energy bill. Lowering the temp in your home may seem like a choice that’s going to cause a bit of discomfort, but you can start by simply lowering it by 1 degree each week until you reach a temp that’s the most comfortable for you and your family. Each one-degree drop in an eight-hour period can reduce your bill by approximately one percent. Being able to lower your thermostat by three or four degrees comfortably will equal significant savings on your energy bills.

Think About Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable setback thermostat can provide more ease and comfort from your central heating system. This means the heat can be turned on or up when you need it the most, and turned off or lowered when you don’t. Setback thermostats usually come with two setbacks, which means the thermostat can be set back for hours when your family is sleeping or out.

Think About Installing Individual Thermostats

For those that heat their homes with electricity, there’s the option of individual room thermostats. This means that the thermostats in unused or lightly used rooms can be set lower than other rooms. These cooler settings in certain rooms will most definitely lower energy bills. However, the installation of individual and setback thermostats should always be left to an expert.

Lower the Heat During the Night

Another savings tip is to turn the thermostat down at least five to ten degrees during the night, and then turn it back up in the morning. However, this is only necessary for those who don’t have a setback thermostat. If you can make the adjustment, you should be able to save 10 percent or more on your energy bills.

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