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Garbage DisposalGet a garbage disposal QuoteUntil you get a garbage disposal, you do not know what you are missing! A garbage disposal attaches to your kitchen sink drain and allows you to put organic waste down your drain. Using rotating blades the garbage disposal grinds up the waste so it can safely flush down the drain. Our techs can get you all setup with your garbage disposal and make sure that everything is connected properly.

You do not have to worry about any of the garbage disposal plumbing headaches. We will get everything installed perfectly and on time.

After you contact us (phone, email, fill out a form) we will arrange to come to your home and inspect your sink and kitchen to make sure everything will work. We will provide a free quote and give you feedback. Our quote will include cost and time to completion so you can rest easy knowing when your project will be done.

Once you have a garbage disposal there is no turning back!

Even with newer technologies such as PEX plumbing and crimping technology, it is important to ensure everything is setup properly. The last thing you want is a water leak in the wall or the cabinets in your kitchen. You definitely do not want a leaky garbage disposal. Just as important as the water supply lines are the drains and venting. There are specific codes that must be followed and our technicians do it every day!

So if you are thinking of a new garbage disposal (or maybe replacing an old one) don’t hesitate to call our office at 306.343.9576 so we can get a professional to help you with your plan of attack, pricing and whatever you need.

Here is a quote from a Happy customer:

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