Should You Choose In-Floor Heating?

In-floor heating and furnace installationHeated flooring is an efficient, cost-effective and comfortable way to warm your house. Floors made of hard surfaces such as wood or stone usually get uncomfortably cold in the mornings and late at night, to the point where you might not be able to leave your room without a pair of slippers for fear of icy toes!

If you need to replace your heating system and are debating whether to go with a more traditional furnace installation or to choose in-floor heating, you’ll want to take the following into consideration:

Installation & Operating Costs:

An initial hurdle you may experience when installing heated flooring is cost. Whether you choose water-based or electric, installing in-floor heating can often require you to completely renovate your flooring, as opposed to a typically less intrusive furnace installation process. Some people are put off by the up-front installation investment, but after the heating system has been fully implemented, many people find that their heating bills cost less. This is because heated floors, and in-floor heating in general, conserve more energy than traditional furnaces or centralized ventilation systems, meaning it costs less to run.


Another drawback with heated floors is the amount of time it can take to achieve the desired temperature. Compared to a high efficiency furnace, in-floor heating and especially water-based systems, can be slow to circulate heat throughout the space. Once that target temperature has been reached, however, your heated floors will retain that warmth for considerably longer than traditional heating methods. The fact that in-floor heating tends to retain more of the heat that it produces means the warmth can last into peak hours without power, saving you more money.

Repairing Your In-Floor Heating System:

Lastly, with your heating system covered by flooring, identifying areas that are in need of repair can be tough and fixing them can be more costly. When properly maintained, however, in-floor heating systems will rarely need repairs, and can last for 35 years, on average.

While it can cost more to set up in-floor heating than a traditional furnace installation, there are many ways to benefit from this type of heating system in the long run, including a reduction in heating costs, noise, the spread of allergens, and the upkeep that’s required.

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