Commercial Backflow Issues & Prevention

commercial blumbing backflowWater flows in and out of public and commercial properties constantly. Plumbing systems are designed to ensure that when a tap is turned on, clean or potable water can be collected for human or pet consumption. Water that is used then gets removed from the public or commercial property seamlessly – or at least it should.

Public and commercial places like apartments, condominiums, office buildings, and food establishments, are required to check their plumbing systems for backflow problems as part of backflow prevention efforts. Commercial plumbing service providers install and maintain backflow prevention devices at each cross connection point in the public or commercial places’ plumbing system. The idea is that the property owner and the commercial plumbing service providers work together to keep plumbing lines free of contaminated water.

Backflow Defined

Generally, potable or clean water flows under pressure through municipal water lines to businesses. Non-potable water is contaminated and flows out of a commercial building to the municipal sewer lines. This also happens inside houses, but on a much smaller scale. Backflow is the reverse flow of contaminated or dirty water, and it may include human and pet waste, pesticides, fertilizer, cleaning agents, chemicals, bacteria, dangerous microbes, or other hazardous substances that create serious health concerns for people.

Where Does Backflow Occur?

Backflow can occur wherever there is a cross connection between potable and non-potable water in any large residential complex, commercial, or industrial property.

Backflow Prevention

The best way to prevent a backflow problem is to perform annual maintenance and testing of the backflow system. Commercial plumbing service providers manually check the cross connection points, and if they notice any issues or problems, the affected area is repaired or replaced. Additionally, the air pressure in the plumbing lines is also reviewed. Local building codes require annual backflow systems inspections and that the inspection records be kept and made available for review by any tenant, guest, or municipality.

Have a Backflow Issue at Your Business?

For the health and safety of everyone who works at or frequents your business, you should call licensed plumbers at the first sign of a commercial plumbing problem. If you discover a backflow issue or you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

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