Cold Basement? Cold Air Return.

Is your basement cold or does it get cold sometimes? More than often this problem is caused by improper air flow in your home and more than likely it’s your cold air returns.

Saskatoon heating and plumbing - air flow diagram

Saskatoon heating and plumbing - cold air return

Every house should have proper air return throughout the house including the basement. Believe it or not, every room, including the basement should be the same temperature. Ensuring good placement of cold air returns is critical to ensure proper distribution of air flow.

A few tips to keep that basement warm would be to run the furnace fan all the time, by doing this the fan brings back cold air from the return air registers and mixes with the warm air in the house,therefore keeping it the same temperature. By running the fan all the time you also are always filtering the air in the house.

Check the basement for return air grilles-should be at least one in the main area
It is ideal to have one in every bedroom in the house including the basement bedrooms. Make sure that there is nothing blocking your cold air returns like furniture, a pile of clothes or anything else.

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