Choosing the Perfect Garage Heater

buying a garage heaterDuring the winter, a space heater is not enough to warm a large garage or workshop; meaning that it may be worthwhile to install a proper heating system. When choosing the best garage heater for your needs, it’s a good idea to consult a professional heating company to determine what you should be looking for in a heater.


Safety is always first. Make sure the heater has built-in features like an automatic shutdown if it’s tipped over and a temperature limit to prevent overheating. Other important safety features should protect you from burns, like finger-proof grills.

Electric Versus Gas

Gas and electric each offer different advantages. Electric heaters don’t require ventilation or refilling of a gas tank, and sometimes have infrared options that heat nearby objects rather than the whole space. Gas heaters are better at heating large spaces and gas fuel is generally cheaper than electricity. The one that’s best for you depends on your particular needs and set-up, however.

Heating Range

The best garage heater is one that is capable of warming large areas. Many factors contribute to heating range: size of the room, height of the ceiling, quality of the insulation etc. Compare your garage with the heater’s stated range. If a range is not given, calculate the heat distribution based on watts or BTUs per square metre. If you’re not sure how to do this, then call an expert and let them figure it out for you.

Level Of Maintenance

Most people don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining a heater, especially a garage heater. A low maintenance heater has a solid build and a grill over the air intake slot to prevent dust and debris from damaging it, which means you work less to keep it clean. A permanently lubricated fan motor will also reduce your maintenance and the time you might spend checking the heater’s important parts.

Additional Features

Some features make a heater efficient and easy to use, like an adjustable thermostat. The best garage heater will have many features that make heating your garage even easier. Another feature you should look for is portability. If you never plan on moving your heater, get one with mounting brackets. If you plan on moving the heater frequently, get one with a lightweight design or perhaps wheels.

Now that you know what to look for, you can begin to shop for the best garage heater for your home or work garage. At Gibbon Heating and Air Conditioning, we sell and install robust heaters from Lennox. Call us to learn more.

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