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We are a Premiere Lennox Furnace Dealer

We are one of a handful of premiere Lennox furnace dealers in Saskatoon. Although we can assist you with any type of furnace make or model, if you are looking for the quality of a Lennox furnace, we are specialists in that area.

You can see our line of Lennox Furnaces here.

To book a quote or appointment for a furnace you can call us at 306.343.9576, email us at info@gibbonheating.com or fill out the request form on our website.

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Why Proper and Regular Furnace Maintenance Is so Important

Your furnace does a lot of important jobs around your house. It filters out dust and allergens, controls the temperature in your home, moves air throughout your home, and most importantly, keeps it comfortable for you and your family during the winter. In order to ensure it can continue to do its job properly, you’ve[…]

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Set Your Thermostat to Maximize Savings this Winter

The thermostat is a key component in a heating and cooling system, and the determining factor in how comfortable a home will be. However, they can also be seen as a cause for concern, as many homeowners become literally obsessed with programming thermostats in ways that will provide comfortable surroundings and energy costs savings. Constantly[…]

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3 Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

The impending winter means considering wintry things, like the holidays, weather proofing your home, getting your furnace ready to heat your home, etc. Preparing your furnace for the winter, however, is a major must-do. While you can do some furnace maintenance yourself, most of it should be left to a professional contractor. This maintenance should[…]

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