Why You Shouldn’t Put Off a Furnace Repair

Schedule furnace repair nowThe furnace works hard to keep your home comfortable all winter long, which is why it should be cared for even beyond the winter months. A furnace that develops issues (requires repair) or breaks down at the end of the winter may not seem urgent, but it actually is. Putting off the repair of your furnace to the next fall or winter could be more harmful than you realize. It can cause more problems to develop, decrease the efficiency of your unit and even wear it down or shorten its lifespan. So, although it may seem silly to have your furnace repaired at the end of winter, immediate service could save your furnace’s ‘life’ and save you from having to pay more and do more to get it back in working order.

Can Lead to More Problems

Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away, and when it comes to a heating system, it might create even more problems. This means that when you realize your furnace is in need of repair, you should contact a specialist like Gibbon, right away. Some problems can get worse (even when the unit isn’t running) and some can create more difficulties down the road. For example, a furnace that turns on and off (short cycling) by itself indicates overheating, and if this isn’t addressed, it will continually aggravate the furnace until it breaks down.

This breakdown can occur now (at the end of this winter) or later (at the start of next winter). No matter when it happens, you’ll have to pay to have it repaired, but it could be much more devastating to have your furnace break down in the middle of winter instead of at the end. Besides that, a breakdown and additional problems caused by the original issue will be more costly.

Decreases the Efficiency of Your Furnace

Furnaces are designed to run at a certain level of energy efficiency and when a unit is in need of repair, it won’t run at the optimal level. This simply means your furnace won’t be as efficient as it could be, which causes more energy usage. It also causes additional wear and tear on your heating system, as the entire system will be working overtime to keep the unit running as efficiently as possible. Plus, additional energy usage means higher utility bills.

Wears Your Furnace Down and Decreases Its Lifespan

Generally, furnaces are designed to last for at least 15 years, but a system that encounters many issues and continues to operate under stress, will expire much earlier than this. Failing to have your furnace repaired immediately will lead it to work harder to reach the set temperature, causing its components to work harder, as well. This is where wear and tear begins and wear and tear leads to breakdowns and a system that just can’t “live” as long as it should. New furnaces are costly and even sometimes unnecessary. Immediate furnace repair can save you money, time and effort.

If you think your heating system is in need of repair, don’t delay. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your furnace repair, giving you peace of mind that everything is in working order when next winter rolls around!