How to Identify a Plumbing Leak Before it Becomes a Plumbing Catastrophe

leaking elbowAs a trusted name in plumbing, Saskatoon home and business owners have called Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning with a wide variety of issues over the years.

A problem that we see quite regularly, however, is a small leak in a plumbing system that’s gone unnoticed or been ignored and evolved into a much larger issue that requires more in-depth and costly repairs, not to mention water damage restoration and other professional cleaning services.

To ensure more home and business owners aren’t faced with the same fate, we’re going to share some of the techniques used in the industry to spot plumbing leaks early on. By identifying a leak early and addressing it straight away, hopefully you, too, can prevent water damage and avoid the need for more expensive plumbing services.

Start with Your Water Meter

Perhaps the easiest way to tell if there is a leak in one of the plumbing systems at your home or business is to check your water meter. Today, many properties are equipped with water meters that possess a leak detection warning system. If you look at your water meter, the leak detector will appear as a red or blue triangle. With all the water systems at the property turned off, you will know there is a leak if the triangle continues to move.

If you don’t have one of the more modern water meters, you can still use the meter to identify a leak. Simply record the numbers you see on the meter, then wait a half an hour while ensuring that all of the property’s water systems are switched off. If the numbers on the meter change, you can be quite certain there is a leak. The next step is identifying the source of the leak and then addressing the problem with professional plumbing services.

Signs of a Leak

When it comes to issues with plumbing, Saskatoon property owners may be lucky enough to see some of the more obvious signs of a leak, such as peeling paint or wallpaper, water damage on a ceiling or mildew starting to grow. In other cases, however, leaks can be much harder to identify and may require you to hire someone who can provide professional leak detection plumbing services, using specialized equipment. Many plumbers will employ special cameras that can be used to spot a failure in a plumbing system, or tools that can be used to listen for leaks underneath a property or within the walls of a building.

Ultimately, the only way to be sure of the source of a leak is to call a professional plumber. If you suspect there is a leak at your property, don’t delay! Whether you’ve already identified the problem or have yet to find the source, calling a professional Saskatoon plumbing company is the best way to prevent expensive property damage.

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