Why You Should Get a Gas Line Installed for Your Barbecue This Spring

gas line installation for barbecueIt may be hard to believe, but gas barbecues are actually growing in popularity – as if they weren’t popular enough already! Propane barbecues are a nice thought, but natural gas barbecues are more convenient, as you don’t have to worry about filling up a tank, or really, having a tank at all. The only things required are a grill or pit and a gas line installed by pros, like our team at Gibbon Heating and Air Conditioning.
Keys to Gas Line Installation
In the wrong hands, natural gas can dangerous, which is why you’ll need a pro to install the gas line for your barbecue. This is where Gibbon comes in. Once you’ve chosen the location for your grill, we’ll install a proper gas line for you. Proper installation includes installing couplings and adapters as well as running a gas line to your grill location. We’ll also check for damage to your line and gas leaks, and take steps to protect against possible leaks.
Switching From Propane to Gas
There’s no need to run out to the store if you currently own a propane grill, because it can be easily converted to a gas grill. Most manufacturers offer gas conversion kits for their grills. Just make sure you purchase the right kit for your grill model.
Benefits of a Gas Barbecue
Gas barbecues not only make your food taste great, they’re also affordable, convenient and provide cleaner energy.

• Affordable: Gas barbecue grills are much cheaper to run and maintain than propane grills. Installation and/or conversion may cost you, but the energy savings will add up in the long run.
• Convenient: Once again, gas barbecues don’t have tanks that must be filled. The barbecue will be connected to your home’s gas line, which means it’ll have an unlimited supply of fuel.
• Clean Energy: Natural gas creates less exhaust than propane, which means it runs cleaner. This, of course, makes it ‘greener’ or better for the environment. It also reduces the risk of fumes spreading to your food.
If these benefits are enough to convince you that it’s time to make the switch to natural gas, call the pros at Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning for an expert gas line installation or help with a barbecue conversion.